USD $9.50 / 1 Skein



USD $9.50 / 1 Skein

100% Andean highland wool

Chunky 3 ply

1 pack = 10 hanks
1 hank = 44 yds

The crisp structure of Andean Highland wool makes this yarn puffy and light, delightfully chunky without the weight. This quick-knitting yarn displays a beautiful pop of color with each satisfying stitch. Tundra has great volume that makes it super cozy.


Tundra Details

Andean Highland Wool Andean Highland Wool is a breed of wool native to the Andean Highlands, as its name suggests. Andean Highland wool is a fairly new type of wool that resulted from the natural mingling of Merino herds with local species, creating a crossbreed. The result is a hardy, insulating wool, perfect for cooler temperatures like those found 3,000 meters above sea level in the Andean foothills, where this wool is commonly bred. Andean highland wool is light, structured, and voluminous, a beautiful canvas for any shade of dye.

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