Sand Dune

USD $94.95 / 1 pack

Sand Dune

USD $94.95 / 1 pack

52% Mulberry Silk

24% Superkid Mohair

20% Fine Merino Wool

4% Viscose

Fingering 2 ply

1 pack = 5 hanks
437 yds

Sand Dune is a gorgeous yarn with plenty of character. It gets a tweed look from a sprinkle of viscose flecks. Look closer and you’ll notice a slight shine, thanks to Mulberry Silk, which happens to take dye beautifully. Superkid Mohair adds a delicate halo and a lustrous look. Fine Merino adds structure to round out this exclusive blend.


Sand Dune Details

Mulberry Silk Mulberry Silk is made from the cocoon of the mulberry silkworm. Silk fibres have a triangular, prism-like structure that refracts light, lending a shimmering, glowy appearance to the yarn. Silk is a protein fibre that takes dye brilliantly. Silk radiates with any color you choose to dye.

Superkid Mohair Superkid Mohair is a lustrous, long fibre, famous for its fuzzy halo. Sourced from Angora goats, Mohair brings a lightness and soft touch to luxury blends, while also soaking up intense color readily and beautifully.

Fine Merino Wool Fine Merino Wool is a soft type of wool obtained from Merino sheep. The designation 'fine' means each individual hair that makes up the fibre falls within a specific micron range. Fine Merino Wool fibres are slightly thicker than Extrafine Merino Wool fibres, meaning they are not as soft as Extrafine Merino, but still soft enough for next-to-skin wear.

Viscose Viscose is made from cellulose fibre. It takes only fibre reactive dyes appropriate for plant fibres. When blended with wool or other animal fibre, it will take the dye differently, making a beautiful heather effect. Viscose lends a drapey feel to blends.

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