USD $109.90 / 1 pack


USD $109.90 / 1 pack

70% Fine Organic Merino Wool

30% Hemp

Worsted 2 ply

1 pack = 10 hanks
328 yds

Bristle combines the best of farm and field to make a lovely eco-friendly yarn. Fine, organic merino wool brings softness, structure, and insulation to the yarn. The dry, crispy hemp adds a lightness and a rustic feel. This exclusive blend is 100% organic!


Bristle Details

Fine Organic Merino Wool Fine Organic Merino Wool has all the qualities of Fine Merino Wool, with the added bonus of being organic. Our organic wool meets high ecological standards.

Hemp Hemp fibre is one of the many items sourced from the amazing hemp plant. The fibre itself comes from the stem of the plant, while the seeds can be eaten as food and the oil can be used for many applications. Like many plant fibres, hemp brings a dry, cool hand to blends. Since it is a cellulose fibre, acid dyes do not adhere to hemp. This creates a heather-like appearance when blends including hemp are dyed. Hemp also adds a rustic look and beautiful lightness to the yarn.

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