USD $79.90 / 1 pack


USD $79.90 / 1 pack

50% Recycled Wool

50% Tencel

Fingering 4 ply

1 pack = 10 hanks
383 yds

This planet-friendly option will defy your expectations of eco-yarn. Made from recycled materials, Asperitas combines recycled wool with tencel. The result is bulky and crispy, soft but sustainable, and structured with just the right amount of drape.


Asperitas Details

Recycled Wool Recycled Wool is obtained from material left over from the sorting process that would otherwise go to waste. Wool scraps are captured and processed with special attention so they can be utilized rather than ending up in the trash. Recycled Wool has many of the same properties as Andean Highland Wool.

Tencel Tencel is a fine fibre made from the cellulose fibre of plants. It adds a lightness, drape, and shine to fibre blends, similar to viscose but made in a more sustainable process.

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