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How to dye speckles with Egret bare yarn

How to dye speckles with Egret bare yarn

May 11th, 2020

At first glance, our Egret yarn is as simple as can be. This 100% merino yarn is a single ply in a fingering weight, with a slight glow, like morning fog. But our Egret bare yarn is more than meets the eye! undyed yarn egret   Light and soft as a cloud, the fine merino wool used to make this yarn has an unparalleled softness. It is also organic, making it as gentle on...


We know fibre, you know dye; that makes us a pretty good team. We’re specialists in worldly natural fibres, blending them for just the right balance of strength, softness, and elasticity. We have a quality yarn for every creative journey you wish to embark on.

But when it comes to color, you’re the expert (we’re just here to marvel).

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