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By Gina Rockenwagner on July 21, 2020

You’ve probably heard all about silk, but do you know what makes it so special? Silk is a type of natural protein fiber made by silk worms. Silk has a vibrant history as it is one of the oldest commercially made fibers. When dyed, silk takes color quickly and easily. You can use any dye you would use for wool or other animal fiber to dye silk. It has a subtle luster like gold, and a soft hand, with excellent drape. All of these qualities make silk a popular favorite for dyers and knitters alike! Try dyeing one of Knomad’s silk blends like SAND DUNE, SANDSTONE, IVORY, or MAGNOLIA and experience the special magic of silk yourself.


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We know fibre, you know dye; that makes us a pretty good team. We’re specialists in worldly natural fibres, blending them for just the right balance of strength, softness, and elasticity. We have a quality yarn for every creative journey you wish to embark on.

But when it comes to color, you’re the expert (we’re just here to marvel).

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