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Natural Dyes for Wool: Onion Skins

Natural Dyes for Wool: Onion Skins

Sometimes, combining undyed wool yarns with fantastic, natural color is as simple as looking in your kitchen! Many compost-ready food castings actually contain quite a bit of natural color: avocado pits and skins, coffee and black tea, and perhaps one of the most surprising--onion skins! Yellow or red, the glossy skins from an everyday onion make one of the most concentrated and versatile natural dyes.  If you aren’t planning on making a big batch of French Onion soup, you’ll need to collect your onion skins ...
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Sunrise Speckled Egret

Speckles add such a fun dimension to any hand-dyed yarn. The pops of color peek through like little confetti adding cheer to anything you create. Today on the blog we are going to be dyeing up two skeins of EGRET with warm, sunrise-inspired speckles in a slow cooker. Two skeins is a great quantity of yarn for a cowl and the fine organic merino is soft against the skin. Perfect for giving as a gift to a friend, or for yourself! Supplies Two skeins EGRET ...
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Superwash vs Non Superwash Wool: Conventional Acid Dyes on STRATUS and SNOWDRIFT

Recently on the blog, we looked at how MARSHMALLOW DK and SPARK take dye. Using the same process to dye each skein revealed the subtle and obvious differences between superwash and nonsuperwash wool. If you missed this blog post the first time around, feel free to check it out at this link! As a hand dyer, this reference is super helpful to have when deciding between the different yarns we offer here at KNOMAD. We found examining the differences between our SPARK organic merino wool ...
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