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Superwash vs Non Superwash Wool: Conventional Acid Dyes

“What is the difference between superwash and non superwash wool?” is a question we often hear at KNOMAD! The unique array of wool options we offer at KNOMAD, including superwash and non superwash, or natural wool, prompts one to wonder what makes each wool we offer so special. We are going to explore the differences between these wools, not only on a technical level, but on a visual level as well, today! When you look at raw, unprocessed wool, you might notice that it has ...
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Multicolor yarn

Color pooling

Multicolor yarn is so fun to work with and relatively easy to achieve. One of the ways to achieve cheerful, multicolor yarn is to pool color in a shallow dye bath. Adding one color at a time gives you control over the color placement. Keeping the water shallow keeps the pigment in sections making the color pool around one area of yarn.  Supplies: 4 colors of acid dye  Citric acid A skein of undyed yarn Egret Slow cooker or stockpot Tongs Several small cups Getting ...
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Turmeric Dye

Step by Step Turmeric Dye

Turmeric is a bright golden spice that you can find in most grocery stores. It is commonly used in curries and recently in golden milk. If you have ever cooked with it, you probably know that it stains bright gold very easily. This staining effect can be used to our advantage to create a beautiful golden yarn in your own kitchen! The warm golden color of turmeric pairs perfectly with soft, and squishy yarn like Stratus that is perfect for knitting or crocheting up something ...
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