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alpaca peruvian yarn

All About Alpaca Fibre

Next up in our video series, learn a bit more about Alpaca! To make our superb alpaca yarns, Knomad works exclusively with fibre experts who have specialized in alpaca for generations. This means we only source the finest alpaca with the highest standards for the ecology! These alpaca live in harmony with their native habitat, grazing out in the gorgeous open fields of the Andean highlands, eating a naturally vegetarian diet. Careful attention to the alpaca makes the best yarn. We think you’ll appreciate the ...
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extra fine merino wool

Two color kettle dye on STRATUS

When KNOMAD launched, STRATUS instantly became one of my favorite yarns in the whole collection. Made from 80% extra fine merino wool and 20% nylon, the merino in STRATUS is some of the softest available. The small nylon content doesn’t noticeably affect the feel of this plump and round, 4 ply fingering weight yarn, it simply adds a touch of strength to the luxuriously soft merino!  We can’t think of a single fingering weight project that would not be beautiful in knit up in STRATUS ...
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Yarn sorting process

Continuing with our video series, today we show you the sorting process, one of the first steps in making a quality undyed yarn. When I entered the sorting area at the mill we work with in Arequipa, Perú, I felt a sense of awe. I had never seen that much fiber all in one place, let alone alpaca fiber. I’m so happy I get to bring you along on this visit from December 2019! In the video, you can see for yourself the massive warehouse ...
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