how undyed yarn qualiity

How undyed yarn is made: Quality Control

 Now on our video series, we get a behind the scenes look at our quality control department, and meet some of the folks who ensure a quality product for all our hand dye fiber artists! The quality control department uses sophisticated instruments to detect inconsistencies in the fiber at a micro level. They thoroughly review the fiber that goes into all Knomad yarns for length, softness and purity. Only the best fibres earn the prize of becoming part of Knomad’s exquisite line of yarn ...
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sweater merino yarn

Kids Sweater in EGRET Fine Organic Merino Wool Yarn

As dyers, we are always thinking of the end use of the yarn we dye. Who will knit, crochet, or create other fiber art with our yarn? Will it become a garment, an accessory, or another type of functional art? At Knomad, we also have knitters in mind when we create our yarn. We know what a delight it is to knit with the finest quality fibers so we seek out only the best quality fibers for our yarns. In an effort to show the ...
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how to dye organic merino bare yarn

What we’re dyeing with Egret organic merino bare yarn

Our Egret yarn is stunning in its simplicity. A single ply of fine organic merino wool gives off a subtle halo. At 437 yards per 100 gram hank, this luxurious undyed yarn is plenty soft for next to skin wear, making it perfect for sweaters and accessories like scarves and cowls. We’ve recently dropped the price on our Egret yarn. To celebrate, were sharing 4 beautiful skeins we dyed. Have you tried dyeing with our Egret 100% merino wool bare yarn? Make sure to share ...
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