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dye yarn easy gradient

How To Dye an Easy Gradient on KNOMAD Sandstone

Have you ever tried to hand dye a gradient on bare yarn? Many tutorials you will find online instruct you to make a gigantic loop of yarn. I tried to make a 50-foot long skein once. The whole endeavor had me tangled in knots! Not only did I transform my living room into a giant swift, but my cats were thrilled I created this cozy play structure for them! I knew there had to be a better way. My experience with dyeing has taught me ...
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blending process

How Yarn is Made: Blending

Next up in our video series, we learn more about the blending process. Blending, like the name suggests, is the step in the process when different fibers are mixed, or blended together. This process is an essential step in the yarn making process because the blend crafts the identity of the yarn. Take a typical sock yarn, for example, made from a combination of wool and nylon. The wool provides warmth and softness. The nylon makes the yarn stronger and more durable. Together, these fibers ...
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Gina Rockenwagner

Meet the Team: Gina in Creative Marketing

Queen of rainbow-hued knits Gina Röckenwagner wears many hats at Knomad. This talented yarn dyer oversees marketing and content creation, writing articles for our blog as well as coordinating marketing campaigns. Every day, Gina connects with our creative community of dyers as she manages Knomad’s social media channels. “I love seeing what people make with our yarn... what they dye, what they knit, crochet, and weave,” Gina said. “Seeing people discover the brand and fall in love with the yarn is the most exciting thing.” ...
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