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dye yarn latte, baby alpaca

How to dye Starry Night inspired baby alpaca yarn

Baby alpaca yarn is a treasure in a dyer’s arsenal. The delicate haze of baby alpaca and its delightful warmth make it a favorite for cold weather accessories and sweaters. Alpaca are naturally gentle on the ecosystem, making their fibre an environmentally friendly choice.  It can be tricky to dye alpaca, as the fibre does take a bit of coaxing to absorb the color to the intensity you might desire. Armed with a little bit of know how, we will have you dyeing baby alpaca ...
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scouring yarn

Yarn scouring process

Scouring is a vital process in making undyed yarn, because it gets the fiber ready for you, the dyer! Scouring removes any oils, debris or any other substances in the fiber, making it a perfectly clean, bare canvas for dyeing. Knomad yarn undergoes a thorough scouring and washing process. The waste water from this process is captured and specially treated by bacteria which removes toxins that can harm the environment. The mill we work with is even partially powered by solar electricity! After the fiber ...
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The Knitting Tree LA

Community Spotlight: Annette at The Knitting Tree LA

At The Knitting Tree LA, Annette Corsino-Blair has a vision for creating a yarn shop that’s vibrant and welcoming to all. “I’ve recreated the neighborhood that I grew up in, which was pretty much every nationality you could think of,” says Annette. “I’ve always felt more comfortable in ethnically diverse environments. I want to build a place where everyone can come and feel welcome.” Annette co-owns The Knitting Tree with her husband Bruce Blair, and the shop is a creative family affair. Her daughters are ...
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