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Super Bulky Yarn Pattern Roundup

Tundra, our super bulky yarn, is perfect for stitching up a quick project like a hat or a cowl. It’s always exciting to see a knitting project come together, and Tundra’s extra chunky size means that you can complete projects in a flash. To offer some inspiration, we’ve gathered some of our favorite super bulky yarn knitting patterns (and crochet patterns, too!), so you’ll have tons of project ideas to keep you busy this season. First up: hats! Tundra is the perfect super bulky weight ...
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Nataly knomad team

Meet the Team: Nataly in Marketing

The tight-knit team at Knomad lives and breathes all things yarn, and our admin team is no exception! Knomad’s Marketing Coordinator, Nataly Salazar, has a true passion for fiber. “One of my most memorable experiences was when I dyed my first skein of yarn,” Nataly said. While her day-to-day is usually focused on coordinating marketing campaigns, she loves to experiment with artful dye techniques in her free time. “I have been in this industry for many years selling fibre. I know the complete process, but ...
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natural dyes for wool

Natural Dyes for Wool: Acorns + Iron

As an amateur, experimental natural dyer, I love playing with the potential colors that the world around me provides. Exploring local sources has become a secondary passion to my knitting practice and has given me a new view of the world around me. I recommend that even if you have no intention of naturally dyeing yarn for sale, you give it a try, and today’s experiment is an especially fun one. We’re dyeing with acorns, then modifying the acorn dyed yarn with iron water.  Typically ...
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