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Dyeing the Perfect Purple

Purple is one of my favorite colors to work with! I primarily use my dyed yarn for embroidery work, but I do crochet and knit for fun on occasion too. When I am making things just for fun, I always find myself drawn towards shades of purple. Figuring out which purple is best can sometimes be a challenge. Some shades of purple lean more red or warm-toned and others are more blue or cool-toned. Purple can also be a tough color to dye evenly as ...
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Watercolor Confetti Dyed Yarn on EGRET

As we head toward the summer, I was wanting to dye up something in a fun mix of colors. I’ve been thinking about crocheting again and had the idea to dye up some yarn with a mix of colors, some softer and some with brighter pops of color throughout. That is how the watercolor confetti yarn was born! A variety of cheerful colors, dyed in short sections perfect for single crochet stitches. I am thinking about making a summery crochet tank top with this yarn ...
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Sunday Cardigan in Egret

Cardigans have long played a starring role in my wardrobe. As an avid sweater knitter, I’m always looking for great new cardigan patterns to try out. Petite Knit’s Sunday Cardigan – Mohair Edition immediately caught my eye. I love the rib detail on the yoke as it is eye-catching yet simple. I had followed a Petite Knit pattern before, Ellen’s cardigan, a baby to toddler sweater with pockets, and easy afterthought buttonholes. I loved this pattern and knitting this sweater was an absolute breeze, thanks ...
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